Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Last Chemo Day

Today marked a milestone.
April 3rd was the day I was officially diagnosed.  Within two days I had seen the oncologist.  By the 12th I had completed all the necessary prelim tests and found myself at a surgical center having a port put in.  The next morning, the 13th, I headed to RCCA in Mt. Holly to begin my first stage of chemo.
Today, August 23,  I walked out of that same floor relieved and crying.
Sixteen times Bryan and I made that trip.  He has been by my side every single step.  Even my oncologist noticed.  Sadly, many cancer patients arrive by themselves for various reasons.  I personally need my hubby right there with me.
Now I have a month off, relatively speaking.  I can get school moving at home.  I get to go to see my kids play soccer.  We get to take a few day trips as a family, and even take a weekend away together.  I might be able to sneak in some garage saleing too.  That said, my body is beat up.  My heart and mind do not really match up with what my body can do.  Thankfully, I have stayed relatively healthy despite lower WBC, still patience is not my strong suit.  Ugh.
I am very thankful that I have some time now for my body to recoup a bit before a major surgery on September 21.  It looks like an 8 hour surgery and a  4-5 day hospital stay with a 6 week recovery. Many things are still unknown and will not have answers until after the pathology is completed at surgery.  Triple negative breast cancer will not respond at all to hormone therapy, so that is not an option.  As I am having a bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time, radiation is not a given unless the nodes are involved.  If cancer is still evident in the tissue or nodes, I believe that another round of chemo is an option.  There are two choices, neither of which I really understand as of yet.  I just heard about it today.  One involves oral meds and the other an IV infusion every three weeks for four treatments (I will lose my hair again ) I was a bit overwhelmed and discouraged to be honest.  I was given the stat of 20% of breast cancer patients will NOT need the additional chemo.  We are praying that I am in that minority.  
Today is done.  Chemo is finished.  We celebrated today with Jersey Mike’s hoagies, chocolate cake, outside play on a gorgeous evening, and chats with our big kids.  I came home today to a beautiful flower arrangement that Bryan had sent to the house.  It is so pretty!!  It was a good day.  Tomorrow is new day.  Anxiety can be powerful in my heart, but God is stronger.