Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Life Keeps Moving

We managed to survive the school year.  A few sweet ladies helped when chemo made it too rough to concentrate on teaching.  Fall will be another story when I undergo surgery, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.  Until then, I am thankful for the strength to finish this year and work this summer to prep for the next year.  I was a little too excited when school books, anatomy slides, and dissection equipment arrived for next year’s curriculum.
God has been answering your prayers, friends. I have managed to avoid mouth sores to this point.  I have been able to sleep well.  There appears to be minimal bone pain with Taxol so far.  My hands and feet are sore by the end of the day, but that may be just life. There were no reactions to the chemo last week, so the plan is to cut back on the Benedryl for tomorrow’s treatment and speed up the infusion.  My energy level is still minimal.  I think that will take quiet awhile for it to come even close to normal.  I have minimal belly pain that seems to be associated with Taxol as well.  My family continues to come up big to fill in the gaps and help where needed.  Seeing my mom almost every day is a blessing beyond words.
Last Sunday at Immanuel,  Matthew sang with his music team from Baptist Regional.  In his solo, he sang the words “Let them see you in me.”  I am convicted that Jesus is often quite blurry at best.  I don’t feel good.  My schedule is determined by doctors.  My kids are crazy.  I am almost always tired.  None of this lends itself for a clear representation of Jesus in my life.  Catch me on a good day, and I will show you clearly.  It's the hard times that make it seem impossible.
Aly is home this summer, and I am so thankful.  This, however, is the last summer home as she will be getting married next July.  That said, wedding plans have been a sweet distraction for us.  I am enjoying talking through the exciting things ahead for her and Frank.
Bryan and I are still looking forward to our “recovery cruise”.  Some day.  The process of treating and healing from cancer is soooo long.  Next week he and I will celebrate 27 years of marriage.  I don’t have the words to show how much I love my husband.  He has been such a source of strength and encouragement.  He works so hard to keep our family moving smoothly over all the bumps in the road.  His example of godly leadership and love for me is seen by my kids.  I pray that they learn and follow his example.
Tomorrow is another day.  Weekly treatment gets old.  But God’s faithfulness and His Word have been a staying force in my life.

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