Tuesday, May 30, 2017

No Evidence of a Tumor

Last week marked a milestone. Four treatments of A/C completed means the Red Devil is behind us.  Onpro is as well which is a good thing.  I could do without the extreme body pain after the injection.  That said, the Onpro did its job and I was healthy enough for each of my treatments.  Next week starts the next chemo regimen of Taxol. We are praying for limited bone pain and no neuropathy.  It would also be a blessing if I did not lose any of my fingernails or toenails.  I know, gross.
The kids are used to my bald head, but they are wondering when my hair will grow back. I am not counting on any new hair until fall, but we shall see how the summer progresses.
Today was a good meeting with my surgeon.  His words to me: there is a complete clinical response to chemo (no more tumor evident!!!)  Our response:  We praise God for answered prayer.  The next step is meeting soon with the surgeon who will do the reconstruction along side my breast surgeon in the fall.
So much of cancer hurts.  You know that.  If affects so many people.  My cancer is not determined by any genetic code.  As is with 70% of cancer, there is no particular reason why these dangerous cells decided to reproduce in my body.  I have to make a conscious choice not to live in fear of cancer or of tomorrow.  I am grateful beyond words that my God is the one who has created me in my mother’s womb and is in charge of each and every cell in my body.  He knows if cancer will return, and I need to trust him with that, even if it scares me.  Choosing a bilateral mastectomy reduces the chances of a return of breast cancer significantly (from 20% to 1%).
I am continually blown away by the prayers of so many.  The cards, the meals, the childcare...everything has made an impact for God’s glory on my family.
Discouragement is a continual battle for me.  I get out of breath changing a load of laundry (which does not happen much as my mom stays on top of that  ).  My heart races from simply climbing the stairs. For goodness'  sake,  I could not even peel potatoes without having to sit down.    As a mom, being restricted so greatly is hard to deal with.
I am counting on God’s grace for each day.  Even when it is so hard, painful, and discouraging.

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