Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Plans

The past few summers I have needed to approach the weeks off school with intention. Each week had a different theme: farm, ocean, friends, water play, etc.   My littles had small, underdeveloped imaginations.  Pinterest helped tremendously focus us.  It became easier to know a general theme when helping grow play.
This year I am changing it up.  Thankfully, my kids have learned more how to play, how to create on their own.  Granted, play often ends with someone crying, but oh well.  Kids are like that.  At least mine are. Yet, now they all know how to ride a two wheeler, and they build ramps to jump off.  They set up ball games.  They can all play board and card games.  There is a basketball net in our driveway,  and all the swings work in the backyard.  In theory, this should be a piece of cake.  Yeah, right.
So.  I have been keeping my eyes open at garage sales and the Goodwill for summer fun things.  In our school room I have a Rubbermaid tub that I keep throwing stuff into that is only for after school ends.  I managed to snag some water balloons (.25), a science in a soda bottle kit (.50), lighted Color Wonder ( $1), empty cereal boxes, and paper towel tubes.  I have my working list of things I want to do as a family, but I want to see my kids’ minds create.
I want to go hiking to see some waterfalls.  I want to ride bikes by the Philadelphia Art Museum.  I want to enjoy another movie night under the stars.  I want to do a photo shoot with Maddie and her sweet girlfriends.  There's even a bluegrass concert that I want to explore.  Of course, the shore is always on the list.
As nuts as our family is, I love my kids.  I may not always enjoy them.  I am hoping that this summer gives us more opportunity for just that.

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