Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I See the Finish Line - at Least for This Year's Race

Breathlessly, I limp toward the finish line.  There have been more than a few bumps and bruises.   I often felt winded, but I did not give up.  We just might make it through this first year of schooling six kids at home. Life has traveled insanely fast.  I have reached for teachable moments often watching them sift through my fingers.  Though, as I allow myself to sit back and simply watch, I can see my big God has been working all along the way.  To be sure, I have made plans and encouraged learning.  We all worked through homework, tests, reports, and projects.  It has been tough.
A friend reminded me of this:  are we teaching simply what the state requires, or are we teaching what God requires.  Oh my.  Have I addressed either ends of that spectrum?
Today is probably not a good indicator.  When one’s child throws crayons, upturns benches, yells, and defies you outright, you most likely feel that nothing of anything has been accomplished. Yes, we finished book work.  Kind of.  But, have I addressed heart issues?  Have I dealt with my heart issues?
Our verse this week: Remember your creator in the days of your youth.  My littles have memories that hurt.  They also have good memories.  I want them to remember God is in all of them.  We spent time listing what we knew already about God.  Later I posted our ideas around the school room.  I found it interesting what they remembered about God: He is powerful, He died and rose again, He smiles on us, He helps us.
Thankfully today was sunny and warm, so they all could get outside.  As I sat in relative quiet, God reminded me that this parenting/ teaching thing is not all about me.  As ugly as it gets, God is the one who changes hearts and draws us to him.  He has asked me to teach them at home, and I am grateful.
I wish that I had more freedom to get more accomplished in our home.  I wish that I enjoyed more  moments in my day.  I wish that respect was more prevalent in our home.  But, we are home as a family.  Learning.  Struggling. Growing.
I have almost all my books ordered for next year. Summer break is right around the corner.  We can make it.  Next year will be easier, or so I dream.

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