Monday, December 14, 2015

This Christmas will be different

We have been all Schroll's for six months.  The reality still brings both confusion and relief.  As we approach this Christmas, the blessing of simply being us allows us to smile more, to breath easier.  Joy had eluded our children and was mistaken for stuff.  A skewed parental relationship muddled their idea of the meaning of Christmas.  
Christmas for the rest of us had become a time to juggle visit schedules, cradle broken hearts, and gear up for unsettled behavior.  Joy was hard to find.
God has reminded me so clearly this season that His story of Christmas has difficult elements as well:  insecurity, loss, fear, isolation.  Yet in it all the joy was overflowing.  Others looked at the story and could only praise God.  
I want others to look at our story and have to say, "Praise God."

Joy for us this season will be found in the little things.  Our gifts of love may be small, but they will not be lost as in the noise of previous Christmases.   Joy will be found in the enduring love and grace of a Savior born in a lowly state to a mother who was chosen to carry her son only to let him go.  

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