Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sadness is Real

He could only identify sad.  
Many options for differing emotions presented themselves in the game.
Yet, he only identified sad.
I felt the pause deep in my heart.  A six year old, my six year old was sad.
Yes, his life with me began before he turned two, but through the arduous process of emotional highs and deep lows a halo of sadness has surrounded his little heart. 
He laughs and giggles.  He smiles and hugs me.  He whines and yells.  He cries.
All these emotions are there.  I need to teach my little guy how to know each of them.  
Sadness is real.  It can be good, but it can hurt.  I don't necessarily want sadness to go away, but I want Sawyer to understand the difference between that and frustration, disappointment, and anger.  I want him to know how to put a name both to surprise and joy as well as fear and shame.  

I am so thankful that God created us with such complexity.  Our emotions, the emotions of my little guy are real and reminders of how special we are and how much God loves us.  

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