Saturday, December 19, 2015

For the Love of Games

Who would have thought that a cleaned out hall closet would inspire the game lovers to hone their skills again.  Trouble, Racko, Skipbo, Uno, Risk, Rook, and the good 'ol Candy Land games have brought more conversation around the table and left the TV remote in the basket.  Not that we have said farewell to screen time, but it makes me smile to see my kids pull out a game and enjoy each other.  We have been learning both how to win and how to lose gracefully.  We all know that can be a challenge.  
Laura and Alyson even surprised me as they joined Kyle and Maddie along the Bryan and me in a game of Taboo (the Junior edition).  Though we were all a bit done with the day, we enjoyed a few giggles and puzzled looks in this game of guessing.  Mom and Dad came in second by a hair.  
Many of our games I have found at garage sales and the Goodwill Outlet (yes, there is an outlet for Goodwill).  Often I find the game still in the original wrappers.  Sadly, that means that others chose not to enjoy the game themselves.  On one occasion, we had Risk on our wish list.  The game in the store is way too expensive.  As we made our way through a neighborhood yard sale, we were estatic at finding the game still wrapped up waiting for us.  Though this is not a game for our littles, the bigger kids have enjoyed the strategy and challenge of the conquest.
I am sure that the intensity of our game playing will subside after the holidays, but I hope that it will not be forgotten.  

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