Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Would You Describe your Lately?

Aly threw out a challenge to the blogosphere - What has your lately looked like?
I know, a strange question.  Yet, if you follow her writing, it makes sense.  Life is complex.  Sometimes the urgent swallows up the wish I could's.  Taking the time to write down what is going on in my lately (as Aly coined it) helps me jump from the outline of the moment to see a clearer picture of the color scheme of my life.
So, what is my lately?
I have been reading -
Over the summer, Bryan and I enjoyed reading a mystery together.  Agatha Christie is waiting for me to venture into the next book.  
On queiter evenings I peruse some online articles that give help on raising my kids with many needs.
The Old Testament, Isaiah in particular.  In choosing to read chronologically through the Bible, I need  perseverence to work through these prophets.  
I have been writing
Not enough.  Because I don't want to sound REALLY grumpy or repetitive, I haven't written much.  Day to day can get monontonous.  
I have, though, sought to text my girls encouraging words while they are away at college.  My kids at home need my enouragement as well, so I am trying to write small notes to them.  
What has made me smile
My circle of friends who have fostered/adopted children is not huge, but it is significant.  I smiled today as two are awaiting a judge's decision to terminate parental rights so that my friends can adopt.  
Another friend celebrated today the adoption of their daughter.
Sawyer and Anna are learning to read better each day.  
Reagan gives me the sweetest hugs and kisses at the perfect times.
Bryan chooses to sit with me at soccer games (and he is quiet while I am not).  He also brings me coffee.  True love, friends.
I smile when I watch Matthew play soccer.  His footwork blows my mind.
At church, Matthew sat with 15 little boys so that the adults could be in church.  The fact that one of those little boys was my son, Sawyer, made it extra special.  
What I have learned
Anger is contagious, but so is grace.
Togetherness is a choice.
Prayer works.
Keeping my mouth closed is usually a good choice.

So what is going on in your lately?


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