Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Unrelenting Cough Did Not Keep Him Quiet

His cold had been clutching his head and throat for weeks.  Sleep should have brought relief, if he could actually sleep.  Presenting The Word to teens on a Sunday morning could have been a nail in the coffin of his voice, yet Bryan stood boldly before the class, hot tea in one hand and a marker in the other, and poured out truth to them.
Bryan's teaching has blessed me for years. He studies hard.  He presents clearly.  We laugh much.  I was a tad concerned for him today, though, that his cold would frustrate him, distracting from the powerful message of Mark 2.  My fears were not realized.
If you have not read Mark 2, stop.  Right now.  Get your Bible and read it.  Mark pens via the Holy Spirit such detail showing more than a glimpse of God.  The passage is loaded with truth, not to mention it is a downright awesome story of creativity and determination to see God. 
Bryan brought us through each verse, adding commentary when needed.  I watched as the teens searched the Scripture themselves, shared their observations, and drew conclusions.  We walked away reminded that God's main purpose is to forgive our sins.  Healing comes second.  We need to ask ourselves who we are bringing to Christ, and what are we doing to get to Christ.  This story of grit and determination exemplifies a choice to see God even if it means thinking outside the box (or in through the roof.)  Worship should be our automatic response to who God is, says, and does as was the case of those who watched this story take place.  
Really, people, I am not going to retell the story.  (I am showing restraint.)  The story is not made up.  It is true.  There is no doubt. 
Through the entire morning, Bryan's cough which had been annoying him night and day, had been quieted.  His voice was strong.  His passion evident.  Simple yet amazing.  

I love serving alongside my husband.  Learning along with the class is an extra bonus.  

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