Saturday, October 3, 2015

Engineers are Pretty Amazing

Educating my children extends far past letters and numbers, research and formulas.  It surpasses the books and reaches to the days and years well beyond my home.  
I sat in briefly on Laura's SEAM (Student Engineers Aiding Missions) reunion at Cedarville's  homecoming this weekend.  As they introduced the returning alumni,  I was reminded of why I love this place.  
Engineering challenges even the brightest.  CU's students are recruited heavily nationwide.  However, their excellent program extends further than academics to the mission fields worldwide.   
This particular meeting highlighted the team's recent trip to Bolivia delivering solar lights and water pumps.  They prepared for a Skype meeting with a mission's engineer in Guam.
One alumnus shared her experience the last four years in Kenya developing prosthetics on a low cost basis to be built on site with miminal tools. Another student was on his way to Honduras.  Yet another planned to be on the field using his abilities in the next few years.  One, previously heavily involved in SEAM, is an engineer at Honda and was on the development team for the bumper system in the 2016 Civic.  Most mentioned their involvement in their home churches now.  All commented on how missions had impacted their life.  .  
A strong academic university opens many doors.  Many colleges and universities offer that.  Cedarville offers what many others do not.  They take award winning, highly touted engineering programs and use them world-wide to share the gospel and change lives.  
I do not know where God will lead Laura.  It may be Africa or Micronesia.  It may be Ohio or Pennsylvania.  Wherever that road turns, I am confident that God will use what she has learned both in our home as well as at Cedarville to continue to changes lives for His glory.  

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