Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What You Get From an 11YO When You Teach Dialogue

Sandra was talking to Kendra by the school playground.
“What are you going to do your essay about, Kendra?”  Sandra said to Kendra.  Kendra did a dismount on the beam.
“Well, I thought that I would do a persuasive paragraph on the oppression of Australian children because of the overpricing of bananas.”  Sandra laughed.
“Isn’t that a bit diverse?  I mean I’m going to do mine on the structure of huts in Africa.”  Kendra walked over to the bench where Sandra was sitting.
“Linsy is doing her essay on the ingredients in primary colored crayons.”
“Speaking of crayons, don’t you like the new art teacher?  She is really nice!” said Sandra.
Kendra sat down.   “Yeah.  She painted a picture of a tiger with green stripes and hung it in my homeroom.”
“She did that to my homeroom too!” said Sandy.  “Only mine was a horse with pink hair.”
Both girls laughed.  To them this was an ordinary conversation.

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