Thursday, October 1, 2015

Detours Are Not Fun, But Not Bad

The PA Turnpike closed and sent us off the main road to traverse winding country ways with no apparent guidance.  It's gloomy.  We had not traveled that far on our day of driving to see the big girls.  I had not had coffee yet, so let's be real. My first thoughts were not happy ones.
My wise husband took a quick stop for coffee and to recalibrate.  
On our way again, George Strait playing his smooth country, we headed out.  
Our redirection became an exercise in appreciation and finding hidden blessings.  Cows, horses, ducks, and sheep all grazed within feet of the road.  Reagan, our rodeo boy, even saw barrels set for practice.  From across one field of corn, we could see a rise of small mountain haloed in clouds.  The sun is not shining today, but we are smiling in the bus.  

As I write this, we are back on the highway, thankful that we were not the ones in the accident for which we were detoured.  George Strait is still playing, Bryan is singing along, kids are pleasant.  It has been a good morning.  

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