Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rain Was Good

Their feet are darkened with dirt.  I cringe when I look at their toes, their knees.  Two baths might make a difference, but bathing so many kids once is enough.  Dirt won't hurt.  It just looks gross. Their work of activity displays clearly as they run in to grab dinner.  "Wash your hands up to your elbows!"  Maybe they get enough of it off that they don't eat it.  After dinner, more layers of dirt accrue. 
The nights come more quickly now that fall arrived.  Schoolwork is done earlier as I school all the kids at home.  It feels good to get them moving more before bedtime closes their day.  Winter shortens that privilege, or at least makes it more difficult and more loud as the kids play inside.  
Tonight it rained. 
There was no lightning or thunder, so I let my dirty kids take advantage of a warmer fall evening.  It poured.  Though not for long, it was enough to incite silly giggles, broad smiles, and wide arms with faces to the sky.  

Yes, I should have joined them, but I watched, smiling from the kitchen door, thankful that I stepped aside from proper and let some of the dirt wash off  and joy seep in.  

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