Tuesday, September 15, 2015


It is time for a gratitude adjustment.  Being a homeschool mom of six and a mom from a distance to two, is just plain hard.  However, hard is not always a bad thing.  We have seen our share of hard, and there will be more chances to view that side of life.  So tonight, I am choosing to relish the moment even if that moment is just that.
 Bookstore dates are not a thing of the past.
Hard days become new mornings.
Little children become bigger children.
Bigger children become adults.
I love to teach my kids.
I can smile at a future with my sweetie, Bryan.
God still works miracles in hearts and bodies.
Tomato soup tastes wonderful on a fall day.
Bible verses will stay forever in the hearts of my children.
The big kids who are home now have stepped up to the plate in the daily goings on.  
God is good all the time.

What makes a grateful heart in you?

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