Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Initial Thoughts on the Planned Parenthood Investigation

Planned Parenthood paves the tortuous road for a mother choosing to end the life of her child.  Giving the lie that such a surgery is painless for both the mother and the baby, this organization brutally kills, leaving wounds that will never heal.  
As the story broke regarding the selling of the dead children, my heart felt a weight that left me motionless.  My insides reeled.  Planned Parenthood exists for making money and not for benefitting mothers and children.  
Julia died inside of me over five years ago.  A compassionate, Christian doctor along with my hurting husband walked me through that horribly painful week.  Letting Julia go meant surgery.  Ugly surgery.  She was already in the arms of Jesus, but the reality of the surgery still haunts me.  
Choosing to kill your child because you think carrying her will cause you pain of any sort is absurd at its very base.  There is pain in loosing a child. Unbelievable pain.  I had not chosen to kill my little girl, of course.  God had numbered her days perfectly, and he had already carried her to heaven.  I cannot even fathom the choice to voluntarily end the life of such a little one.  

As long as Planned Parenthood conducts its business, money will change hands at the cost of little lives and mothers' futures.  Hearts of many have been hardened.  

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