Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Battle for My Son's Heart

Three year olds think they are really big kids until they realize they are not.  Reagan has been in church since a newborn, yet now he has declared war on anything church.  Therefore, my battle station is a pew outside his class, guarding the door, calming the resistance.  Battle pay is not in my contract.  Others have chosen to come along side and join the fight for my son's heart.  I want a quick solution.  I want to be able to fight from a distance or not fight at all.  Fighting can hurt.  God has not called me to be a sideline mom.  I am drafted to fight intensely for my son.  If I don't, others will win his heart.  
At this moment, there is no screaming, no doors slamming.  I don't hear his name.  I hear quiet.  For the moment.  
For the moment, he is hearing truth, learning alongside of his peers, choosing to listen.  
For the moment, I can hear the adults in the other room worshiping together.
For the moment, I can see Alyson and Matthew serving in the 2's and 3's.  They were three at one point too.
For the moment, I see God answering prayer.

I am thankful for the cease fire - for the moment.

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