Monday, June 15, 2015


They walked into our life three days shy of Aly's thirteenth birthday.  Almost five years later, we will celebrate the fact that they are ours forever.  Adoption is a reality.  
Aly is now closing in on eighteen.  She has never been a teen without these littles.  Now her steps down the aisle, Pomp and Circumstance playing, remind me that our time with her is short.  Graduation sends her proudly to the next step.  College begins in August - nine hours from home.
Two very emotional events for this momma.  I am sure that tears will flow.
How do I say all that is in my heart?  Journaling and blogging jog special days and silly moments.  They remind me of yesterday's hurt too.  
We were not sitting on the sidelines simply watching life's game.  We were players in the scrum.  
I have watched Aly develop as a team player, though she received bumps and bruises along the way.  I watched her pour her broken heart on paper.  Her words speaking truth, expressing her soul, preparing her for tomorrow.  
I have seen her give in but not give up.  She has allowed God to show her how to intensely love unconditionally.  She has fallen in love with learning, with purpose, with life.  
Our family may be difficult to love.  Aly has practiced when to fight and when to be quiet.
The harshness of life has served to soften her heart.  Her sweetness blesses all of us.  

It almost does not seem fair that both adoption and graduation occur on the same day.  Then again, the coincidence is perfect.  

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