Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Maddie's Poem - "Mice"

Words are a gift.  Today, I was gifted with this sweetness from Maddie.  She sat in our kitchen, green marker writing on a simple, lined paper.  Her words would not change the world, but they certainly made me smile.  They did not take long to write, and they express a simplicity of ideas.  Please enjoy this step back to childhood.  Savor the words.

I was walking through the house
When at once I saw a mouse.
He ran across the floor.
I looked, and there was more.
One's name was Nick.  Another's Span.
But when I saw a blue one, I took off and ran.
As I ran I stubbed my toe.
It hurt so bad.  Oh no!  Oh no!
"Mice! Mice!" I cried.
At that moment the more mice I spied.
I decided to follow them as close as I dare,
But then the mice climbed into my hair.
Turns out all they wanted was a ride.
Then I was sorry that I had cried.
Nick became my pet.
I'll never forget the day when we met.

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