Thursday, April 16, 2015

Prayers From the Car Seat

God is in the process of healing hearts one day at a time.  My littles continue with weekly visits with their bio mom.  Each week wounds are reopened.  Each week hearts are torn.  Each week my heart bleeds for my children.  
Glimpes of yesterday and expressions of misguided hope presented on the way to school this morning.  Therapy from the driver's seat was limited as the drive was short.  I answered questions the best that I could, but I knew that the answers were not grasped.  
Then she prayed.  
My littlest girl sat behind me in the bus.  I could not see her, but her sweet voice rose with the simple question, "Can I pray."
When will I learn?  Of course, that is the answer to all this craziness.  God is slowly healing her heart.  It will take a lifetime, but he will heal.  If only momentarily, she grasped that God was the one to whom she could talk.  He was the one who had it all together, always.  
Interestingly, she spoke with experessions of praise and thanks.  It would have been easy for her to set her demands.  She is a normal kid in that her want list is long.  Yet, God to her was someone who had already blessed her in so many ways.  She chose to focus on today, on what she had, not what was missing.  She knew that God could help her with her day.  In her moments of sweetness, she was trusting him with her tomorrow as well.  
We are still going to have craziness today to be sure.  My kids will lose it.  I will lose it.  

Thank you, God, for holding it all together.  

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