Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Morning at the Treehouse

Homeschool provides a flexiblility for educating my kids.  Interpreted:  we do school pretty much anywhere.  Life is opportunity to learn all the time.  That said, we educate the seven who live at home in four different schools.  
Maddie, Matthew, and I hang out at the Treehouse Coffee Shop each morning.  I have come to look forward to these mornings.  Sitting across from Maddie to help her through her day has made fifth grade a positive experience to be sure.  It helps that my cup of coffee sits alongside of me.  We enjoy the farm table by the window, allowing the sunshine to brighten our day.
This morning I was greeted with smiles and hellos the moment I walked in.  Think Cheers.  The community is sweet.   Gentlemen jump to get the door for those whose hands are laden with their morning java.  Kids are free to play.  Conversation abounds.  You don't see much grumpiness at the coffee shop.  Yes, it may get loud at times.  Tuesday mornings we don't stay long because many mommas with their munchkins come for Espresso Yourself, a time of music and play.  You can imagine that environment: not one conducive to conversation or study.  So then we head to the library.
Mr. Mike is there every day with his two young grandsons.  He even has a plaque with his name on it.  His caffeine consumption is notable.  His friendliness and dedication to family are admirable. There are others whose names we could add to the list of regulars.  That is what makes this community sweet.  

School for this year means being out of the home most of the day.  Laundy has to wait.  Clean bathrooms have to wait.  Dinner needs to be creative at times.  Yet, in the end, hanging at the Treehouse has provided a uniqueness and specialness to our school. 

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