Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Color of Grace

The Color of Grace by Bethany Williams caught my eye as I meandered around the tables of books at Barnes and Noble.   Images of African, war ravaged children pictured on the cover wore smiles that only peace and forgiveness could bring.  How was that possible? The author bore her heart, guardedly sharing her own trama within the first two chapters.  The photographs in the middle of the book documented a fraction of the real life of these children a world away. Only eighty-five pages in, I read her passion.  Her words spilled love as she retold her experience in the dark continent of Africa.  Not every one is called to Africa.  Not every child can be helped.  There will always be war.  Poverty will never be eradicated.  Sin's ultimate power was killed at the cross, but Satan is still alive and well until God calls it quits.  These children live this every day.   Church culture finds many who passionately fight for the weak, the poor, the damaged.  What is often sadly missed is the healing power of the Word of God.  Yes, it is true, that others will not care what we know until they know how much we care.  But as this author reminded me, food will be gone within the next day, clothes will tear, but the Word of God is eternal and life changing.   Now, does that mean that we don't feed the hungry?  Does that mean that I don't care that others around the world are scanvenging for a pair of shoes worn thin?  Do I not fight for those whose freedom and innocence have been ripped from them?  Friends, I am not against addressing social injustices.  There is value in helping the hurting.  However, the Bible can heal the hearts that only God can see.   Williams is a trained counselor.  She has taken her God-given gifts, passion for people, and life experience to the hurting in Africa.  Art therapy, play therapy, and drama therapy are tools in her arsenal to address the hurts and point them to the Healer.   I am still working through the book slowly, but her story is sinking deep into my heart.  

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