Friday, February 20, 2015

Family Day 2015

They say wounds heal over time, that the hurt does not last.  Julia has been in heaven for over five years.  I miss her.  Granted, I am not crippled with her loss.  My heart does not feel searing pain.  But it still hurts to a degree.  Anyone who has lost a child would agree wholeheartedly. 
Today we celebrate our family.  Bryan and I parent together through both the days filled with giggles and smiles as well as the days filled with tears and screams.  Yes, screams.  
We have been doubly blessed with eight children to parent and love here on earth.  That can be overwhelming.  We have ones who steal, lie, and hurt.  Those same ones have the cutest smiles and greatest hugs.  We have kids who have had to grow up quickly.  Our family journey rides with many highs and lots of lows.  Yet, we celebrate family.
God has not promised us an easy road.  Lord knows, family for us does not follow the norm.  It has required sacrifice. It has breeded intense love.  It has forged faith.

Still today, despite being woken up at 5:30 to a child who is rummaging through all the bathroom drawers and cabinets and a child who lied yet again, I am choosing to celebrate and be thankful for the family whom God has chosen to provide in His own perfect way.  
Family is valuable.  Family is not perfection but growing and learning.  No matter the size, family is God-planned.  I celebrate God's planning in our family today.

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