Monday, February 16, 2015

Armed and Ready . . . or Not

I am battle fatigued.  Not that I am fighting with my family (though that does happen, daily), but I am fatigued from fighting for my family, for my marriage.  I am not giving in or giving up, but stating that fighting wears me out.  
This week I found myself figuratively reaching for my weapon as I walked into the bookstore.  This was a battle in which I knew I had to engage.   Now, this bookstore and cafe is my home away from home.  The barista knows my order for goodness sake. I have had conversations with many of the managers and workers over the years.  Yet, last night I found myself, my marriage, under attack the moment I walked in the door.  The display of the famed Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition almost made me gasp aloud.  Inwardly I seethed.  This was not a celebration of sports, but the degradation of women and the manipulation of men.  This is nothing new.  The magazine has touted this yearly edition for decades.  Still, this cover was pornographic, plain and simple.  
Bryan and I both shared the same thoughts.  He and I were both angry at such images placed strategically to catch your eye.  Mind you, this was not just one magazine I could turn over, but rather an entire stand with at least nine of the same cover.   Without warning, the ambush struck.  I was mad.
So what?  This is nothing new.  Books of similar content are placed on shelves around the store.  Advertisements push a sexual agenda constantly.  Today's music is filled with immorality.  50 Shades of Grey brought in millions this weekend at the theater. So why was I so bothered?  
Truthfully, I do not have to have an answer to why.  This agenda is wrong none-the-less.  There was no way I could bring my boys through the front door of this store.  Such blatant disregard of women and the family required a response.
Armed and ready, I walked from the cafe to find a manager to express my distaste and concern for the display.  Understanding my feelings, she did not fight back.  Sadly, her hands are often tied.  My response will most likely be unheard by one who can change it, but I needed to fight anyway.  The battle is continual and involves a battalion of soldiers who are willing to stand up to fight when the enemy rears its ugly head.  
I sit here today, again, and still the display is at the front door.  Nothing has changed.  
I am not defeated though, because my savior, who values us and celebrates marriage, has already won the war.  
I write this at the risk of looking only a few inches taller as I stand on my soapbox.  I fear a momentary emotional response dulled by repetition.  Friends, pornography is wrong.  It is dangerous.  This form of immorality WILL hurt you and your marriage.

Fighting is tiresome.  Lord, help me to fight a good fight.  Please show me when to come out of hiding and fight seriously for what you think is valuable and loved.  

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