Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Time Warp

He threw the M&M's high into the air as we walked toward the dorm.  As he caught them in his mouth, he tallied more brownie points in the "impress your girlfriend" category.  I mean, really?  How does such a silly game make me smile?  It did.  Sometimes he used grapes.  Other times he used marshmallows. Whether he succeeded in catching them or not, he was winning my heart.  
I stood the other morning, folding mountains of laundry, watching from the family room at Bryan, now my husband of almost 25 years.  We now live in a house full of kids, not in individual dorms.  Though life has morped multiple times, Bryan still woos my heart.  
He stood back from the counter where he was making stacks of pancakes and threw the marshmallow into the air and caught it.  Cheers rose from the many littles who sat gazing, impressed.  He still had it.  
I had to smile.  We look a little different now.  Life has etched its pattern on our hearts, and dare I say faces.  Bryan still makes me smile.  He has not settled with simply marrying me 25 years ago.  He continues to win my heart.  

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