Friday, January 9, 2015

Thrive or Just Survive

Plants die in my house.  I can handle kids, not plants.  True story.  Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy them, but when it comes to taking care of them, I leave them to themselves, and that never turns out well.  We're talking about plants, remember?
Good thing people are not like that.  But, then again, are they?
What about marriages?  Are we thriving with our husbands, or are we just trying to survive?
Sadly, there are more and more families in our churches who would have to admit that survival is the key.  Each spouse is fending for him or herself, the relationship has received no attention, and inevitably the marriage dies.   
I want to be in the business of nurturing and feeding my marriage and walking alongside others who need to be encouraged to do the same.
So, that sounds all well and good, but in the craziness of life how do I do that?  Remember those dying plants?  I started out well.  I watered them regularly.  I might have even trimmed off any "bad stuff" to promote growth.  I enjoyed their beauty.  Then days passed before I remembered to water them.  Some petals fell off.  The leaves wilted.  Eventually, revival was futile.
I would venture to say that no person in the bliss of their wedding day expects their marriage to wilt, dry out, fall apart, and die.  Newlyweds enjoy just being together.  They will be caught hand in hand.  They talk to each other. Simply put, they give their marriage attention.  They feed their relationship.  
Okay, I admit that this sounds too simple.  However, why not make it simple?  Marriage is too beautiful and precious to watch die.  
I do not hold a degree in psychology, nor do I hang a shingle out advertising marriage counseling.  I do not have the perfect marriage.  I make mistakes every single day.  I am passionate about strong marriages though.  
What are some ways that you promote growth in your marriage?  What attention are you giving to your relationship?  What steps are you taking to keep your marriage thriving?  

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