Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Maddie and Mommy Moments

Maddie oozes with innocence and simplicity.  Today my tween daughter grasped a break in our craziness to share some time with me over an ice cream cone (her)  and cup of tea (me - thanks to My Fitness Pal). My littles were at a visit with their mom, and my bigs were home chilling.  That left time for just Maddie and me.
I brought along some end of the year questions to prompt conversation, though I am not sure why.  Maddie is not usually at a loss for words.   Maybe the questions were for me, and  I was glad I brought them.  I didn't realize that she is afraid of crickets.  I didn't know that she is proud of me.  I needed to hear again what she worries about and what she thinks she is good at.  
She loves to draw and spends a lot of free time doing just that.  The blank space at the bottom of the page provided perfect opportunity for her to give me a visual for what she thought was one of her favorite memories of this past year - camp at New Life Island. How sweet it was to hear her recall the top bunk experience, the friends she enjoyed, and her concern for moving up to the junior high level.
We didn't stay long.  The littles would be home before we knew it, and it was New Year's Eve.  

Thank you Lord, for giving me another window into Maddie's heart.  

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