Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Maybe it is on purpose, but probably just out of ingnorance.  No matter the reasoning.  I was inconvenienced.  I was annoyed.  Doesn't she know what my Google calendar looks like?  Doesn't she have a clue as to what it takes for our large family to keep a schedule?  Why throw last minute changes into the mix of ins and outs?  
Putting on my makeup this morning, contemplating my long day, I felt that little prick in my heart.  What about Mary and her uncomfortable journey to Bethlehem?  She had to have thought that this census could not have come at a more inconvenient time.  Yet, this was the plan.  I wonder if she pleaded for a bed to sleep in?  I am certain that sleeping next to sheep was more than inconvenient.  Yet, this was the plan.  Now she had this precious newborn to travel with, nursing along the way.  Inconvenient?  I think, yes.  
My selfish heart does not like inconvenience.  Last night I was angry simply because today's new schedule was not mine but rather dictated by someone else.  
God has a plan.  Today may be one the last times that my kids may be at an activity with their bio mom.  Today is an opportunity to love on someone else.  Today is not outside of God's plan for my family.  
Inconvenience?  Yes.  Perfect?  Not in my eyes, but in God's.  
Thank you God that in our craziness you work your perfect plan.  Please help me to walk that uncomfortable journey with you.  

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