Friday, December 5, 2014

Because I Said So

I admit it.  I have used those words.  Most times out of frustration.  
Leviticus hit me again with rules, but a phrase leaped off the screen over and over.  "I am the Lord."
So God says it too.  His Word for His people is laden with purpose and based in love.  Yes, his rules are specific and personal.  But listen to his heart.  "I am the LORD."  
The Israelites could obey God, because He is the sovereign one.  Yet, he is still personal.  What could get any better?  His authority carried weight, but it was not crushing.  
No less than sixteen times in Leviticus 19 God reminds His people that He was LORD.  Maybe they were hard of hearing or had short memories, but nonetheless He told them over and over who He was to them.  LORD.  God.  Sovereign One.  

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