Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Maddie's Wise Words

Doors are meant to be opened.
Words are meant to be spoken.
So says Maddie.  Oh, the simple wisdom of a fifth grader.

Don’t be caught over analyzing or over thinking.  Simply sit on the truth for a few minutes.
How many doors have I intentionally closed to keep something or someone out?  How many words have I chosen to allow swim in my heart and mind without flowing into someone else’s?
Before you get up in arms, yes, I agree that closed doors exist for a purpose, and there are words that just simply must be kept locked up.  But I want to just settle on the up side of Maddie’s words.
I will not always know what crouches on the other side of a door, but I know Who does.  By opening the door, I may be pouring darkness into a dark life.  The openness may lead to new and exciting pathways not only for me but also for anyone on the other side.  An open door is a breach within a barrier set too tall to scale and too thick to push through.  Opening the door may simply make things easier.
Words are powerful, both the ones swimming in silence and the ones set free from our minds.  Books (full of words) fill shelves providing plenty of information on how to speak, what to speak, and when to speak.  Scour God’s Word and you will easily find how importantly God views words.  “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.”
My words spoken in truth and love should flow freely over my kids and Bryan.  I am too free to spew the harsh ones, however, instead of bathing my family in the sweetness of encouraging and healing words.  My words should be framed in beauty, not flattery.  Am I choosing to speak words that will brighten a dreary spirit, heal a hurting heart, or encourage a weary warrior?
Thank you, Maddie, for your words today.  You bless my heart in so many ways.

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