Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It took me more than a year, but I did it.

Have you grown up with the challenge to read through the Bible in a year?  Maybe you remember the plain white sheets of paper that fit so neatly in your Bible.   Well, I do.  
Enter the age of technology - the YouVersion Bible app
I took the challenge again as an adult to read through the Bible.  The plan brought me through both the Old Testament and New Testament as well as the Psalms.  It may have taken close to two years, but this past week I finished.
God blew me away with his words.  Yes, Leviticus may have found me knee deep in laws, and geneologies left me blurry eyed, but the whole of Scripture is a beautiful work of art, complete, life changing, empowering, convicting, and downright interesting.
God is faithful from the beginning of time until he builds a new heaven and new earth and then for eternity.
People are real in the Bible.  They make mistakes, but God uses them despite themselves.
The figurative language written throughout the Word will make any lit professor take a second look.
Christ's story will make you smile and cry.  
Families are important to God evident by how much emphasis He places on them in Scripture.
Nehemiah is a powerful story.
You and I both could add to this list.
If you have never read through the Bible, consider yourself challenged. Many plans exist to guide you.  There is neither a gold star if you finish in a year nor a penalty if you do not.  No matter how long it takes, you will be blessed to be reading God's Word written for you today.

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