Sunday, October 12, 2014


Trudging though the days, weeks, months - my heart and mind settle into survivial mode and forget.  Blessings become blips, disturbances in the chaos of daily life.   I don't want to forget.  God's merciful word reminds me to remember, evidenced by countless stories of men and women pleading to God to work, forgetting that he has and will not forget his promise to continue that work and bless.
I wish to stroll some days, rather than trudge.  I wish to look up more than look down.  I wish to trust in the continuing work of God and not trust in myself for the moment.  
I choose to be grateful for the blessings of today, no matter how small.

  • Sunshine and cooler weather freshen a stale afternoon.
  • My full fridge and pantry keep my kids fed and growing.  
  • Lesson plans online make me almost giggle with glee.
  • My church is alive not with just programs but with ministry.
  • Fourteen teens attended Sunday School this morning.
  • I enjoy listening to Bryan teach from Gods' Word.
  • Cedarville University continues to work in lives, preparing young people to change the world.
  • Both Alyson (online) and Laura (on campus) attend Cedarville.
  • Four kids in soccer have gone virtually injury free this season.
Gratitude needs to be a concious decision in my crazy life.  My goal today is to find more ways to walk a life of gratitude.  

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