Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Perfect World

I double dare you to define perfection.  Go ahead.  My guess is whatever you adamantly propose today will be redefined next week, maybe tomorrow.  
I admit that the words, "in a perfect world, I would . . . " have slipped too carelessly from my lips.  Yes, I enjoy a peaceful home.  Yes, I dream of a big house in the country with lots of land and no one else's schedule to keep except what is necessary for my family.  I digress.  I dream a lot.
Yet, am I staring at perfect every day?
God created perfect.  Man messed it up.  Perfection included abundant choices, purposeful relationships, and everything good (God's words).  Man decided that making choices outside of God's would make a more perfect life (if that was even possible.)  Now sin was to effect everything we see, feel, hear, and touch.  Sin would be in me.  Man's imperfect choices in a perfect world changed life for everyone.
So, when I dream for a perfect world, what am I really looking at?  
There will be noise, lots of noise.  There will be stuff everywhere.  There will be umpteen things to do on my Google calendar.  My wish list is long.  But I propose that for today, that is perfect.
Sin effects my life daily.  I have lots of sinners living in my home.  I am one of them.  But God is bigger than all that.  His plan weaves its way intricately into every life.  My perfect life is not defiined by my choices, but by His choices for me.  
The last four years have been anything but easy and far from perfect.  We have lived through hurt and loss.  We deal with uncertainty daily.  Anger, attitudes, lying, stealing:  you get idea.  None of this is perfect by anyone's definition.  But God has me right where he wants me.  That is perfection.  

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