Thursday, October 16, 2014

After a long day for the kids

You know you are a team when you can hug your 11yo on the verge of tears in the driveway while the social worker stands waiting on the front porch, when you watch Matthew on his hands and knees playing with the 5yo building with an erector set he just bought for his brother, when Alyson snuggles with the 4yo on the couch while reading a book and listening to the little one talk of a father she will never meet.  
We are no match for this opponent independently.  God graciously has brought our team together.  He calls the plays.  He equips us.  He takes over when the game gets ugly.  
Our team could use a break, but for today we will play on.  Sometimes our plays are defensive, other times offensive.  Go, team, go.  

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