Monday, July 28, 2014

Waves Can Knock You Down

I am not strong.  My heavy heart robs sleep and makes my head throb.  Daily there are new concerns and pain both in my home across the world.  How can this mom hold up? Simply put . . . I can't.  
I was reminded by my 5yo about our big God who stands right with us and can do the heavy lifting.
On a visit down at the shore I viewed the power and relentlessness of the ocean's waves which can knock you down.  It takes a lot of work to hold up against the pressure.  You may end up further down the beach if you are not careful.  Turn away when a big one is coming and you may find yourself looking up at the sky with sea water swirling around your head.  It is no wonder that a day at the beach, though fun, can tire you quickly.  
My little one caught the picture of the power, but remembered who held that power.  In his young mind he saw God holding the waves in his hand.  God allows the waves to come back and forth, but if the waves were to go too far, God simply pulls them back and puts them in his hand.  Yes, our God is like that.  All that power rests in his hands, under control.  
Waves continue to pound.  We deal with hurting hearts daily.  Behaviour issues drain me.  Schedules rob any vacation time.  But, in the grand scheme of things, these are small waves.  Waves, none-the-less.  
Laura shares her heart about the Christian doctor who has contracted the eboli virus in Liberia.  She has been building solar lights for these doctors and is very familiar with the ELWA ministry.  Heaviness makes it hard to sleep.  God, please carry this family whose daddy holds on to life.  God, please hold back this wave of disease.
Alyson's heart hurts for innocent lives who are being snuffed out in the Middle East.  Anger, prejudice, war all ravage.  God has placed these people on Aly's heart.   This war on the other side of the world makes news, but more than that, produces death and broken families.  God, bring back this powerful wave of war.  
Here I stand in a suburb of New Jersey.  We live comfortably.  Yet, I am knocked around.  Some days I find it nearly impossible to stand let alone take another step.  Thank you, Lord, for the reminder that my life is in your hands.  The world is in your hands.  These waves, no matter how big, are under your control.  I do not have to understand that.  I can trust that.

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