Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Matthew's week at New Life Island

He stepped into the teen years a few months ago.  During those months he grew at least three inches.  It took me by surprise.  His little boy cuteness is evolving into young man handsomeness.  Yes, I do not mind embarrassing him.  One day a young lady will fall in love with my son, but until then I will claim rights to swooning.
Monday morning found me again with a van load of kids, all mine, driving the 1 1/2 hour trek to New Life Island.  Matthew was going to his first week of teen camp.  I walked after him as he dumped his stuff in his cabin with little fanfare.  Teen boys like it better that way.  
Before I left him though, I placed my hands on his still smooth face and spoke with Mom words.  "Keep your eyes and ears open.  Listen to God."
Sending a child away for a week of camp floods a mom's heart with strange emotions.  I do miss my little man, but it blesses me to know he is surrounded by staff who love God and is also challenged daily to grow in faith.  That said, I want Matthew to dig deeper personally to uncover the treasures of walking with his Jesus.  That will require being attentive to God's voice.  Teens may have a bad rep for doing their own thing, but I expect my kids not to follow the norm.  I expect God to do great things in and through them.  
There will be stories told (some untold), new friends made, and more laundry produced.  I look forward to hearing all about it.

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