Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Caught Wishing for Another Washer and Dryer

I caught myself wishing today.  You know, those “if only” thoughts that creep up when you stand knee deep in piles of laundry.  I pulled out a load of whites still warm from the dryer and threw it on the couch to be folded.  Another load took its place.  The washer was winning the race, though, and wet clothes were sitting awhile in between loads.  Then it came:  If only I had two washers and dryers.  This laundry would be done twice as fast – maybe.  Well, that is the theory.  I needed a gratitude adjustment.
I joke often that the laundry multiplies in my home.  My kids do not really get it as indicated by clean, folded clothes that sometimes make it into the dirty clothes.  I often wonder if I ever saw a particular shirt on any child for more than an hour before it was thrown into the hamper.  Ten people make a lot of laundry.  That just happens. 
As I leaned over the washer again, I was reminded of the blessing of clean clothes.  I know that each child is more than adequately clothed and each has multiple options every day.  I enjoy the same blessing.  I have complained of the chore of changing clothes out each season, but having that option is a privilege not even considered in the majority of the world. 
I am blessed with running water and electricity that works 24/7.  My washer and dryer are even super sized.  Would it be a treat to get done a chore more quickly?  Definitely.  Looking at the big picture, though, I am humbled to thank God for the blessings he has given me and am prompted to ask Him for the wisdom to use my time wisely and train my children to do the same. 

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