Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wowed by a Bird

You cannot deny that God exists and that he has a design and a purpose.  Oh, you can try, but you will be hard pressed to contradict the intricacies and beauty obvious in creation.
Today we began the letter N at preschool in our kitchen.  I searched my mind’s files for activities that would fit.  One word that reoccurred was nest.  Simple, right.  My little girl cut, colored, and traced.  We got the big idea.  Then, I googled a video showing a bird building a nest.  Thankfully, someone in South Africa took the time to post such a thing.  I did not know how a video would melt my heart and bring me to a moment of worship with Maddie and my littlest girl. 
We watched with amazement. 
No one taught this small bird her role of building a home for her family, but God.  No one sat to practice the art of painstakingly weaving piece after piece of grass into a shelter, but God.  No one modeled choosing the right length and strength of each blade of grass, but God.  No one prepared this small creation for the extent of time it would take to finish such a masterpiece, but God.  Yes, God created this bird, beautiful in itself, to prepare a beautiful piece of art, fit for a new family. 
But God cares for us even more.  Wow. 
The letter N took on new meaning for my girls and me today.   

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