Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review - Notes from a Blue Bike, The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World by Tsh Oxenreider

My inclination bends toward order and schedules.  I enjoy the plan.  I rest in the known.  Sadly, I also find myself twisted and out of sync in the choreography of the  planned chaos that I have created. Tsh Okenrieder in her book, Notes from a Blue Bike, shares her life experience of purpose.  As with most books, I found myself both nodding my head in agreement and shaking my head in incredulity.  Oxenrieder piqued my desire to find ways to step outside the craziness with my kids to enjoy the now.  She travels much and has lived overseas with her children.  She eats organically and chooses slow foods.  She works from home, has homeschooled, and rides a bike.  All that to say, I am so not her.  However, I long for purpose.  Intentionally choosing to spend time with my family outside away from any screen will yield stronger relationships.  Planning meals that do not include a microwave or opening a frozen bag of something will invite conversation in the kitchen and also promote healthier bodies.  Decluttering my home will not only inspire creativity but will provide the opportunity to bless someone else.  Okenrieder is not against a plan or schedule.  She is familiar with the unknown, but she does not seem to become lost in it.  Being an intentional wife, mother, and friend allows me to greater enjoy the many gifts God has placed in my life.  It is okay to for me to be bored.  I do not need to fill every minute and neither do my children.  Entertaiment is a treat when digested without thought of entitlement.  God has given the gifts of both work and rest.  Living intentionally balances those two a bit closer.  It is a give and take process.  Yes, we enjoy Netflix and dinners at Chick-fil-a.  We have eight children so our days are busy by definition of a large family.  My budget does not allow for international travel, but maybe I need to incorporate more road trips with the intention to grasp the unknown.  I enjoy the blessing of homeschool and have seen the benefit of intentional planning, but maybe the stress level would lessen if I listened to my children more with intention.  You get the point.  Slow down.  Sit down.  Look around.  Listen.  Enjoy the intentional plan that God has purposed for today.  

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