Sunday, March 9, 2014

Seeking a husband or seeking Jesus - are they exclusive?

Ups. Downs. Twists and turns.  Inside out. No matter the view, marriage is beautiful, but it takes work.  A young, family friend entered this wonderful maze just yesterday.  She has exciting days ahead.  There will be both thrills and tears.  Those ups and downs will flip her stomach and shake her heart, but they will leave her intact wanting to ride again.  
My daughter, Laura, was home this week for spring break from college.  It was a much needed breather from her books, but I am sure that she will bask in the quiet when she gets back to her dorm.  The young lady who was married yesterday was Laura's friend from high school. Both ladies played soccer together.  They were both homeschoolers.  Laura even went to the junior and senior banquets with this girl's brother.  Needless to say, Laura and I talked much about weddings. About marriage.  Well, I talked.  She just smiled, shook her head, and interjected her opinions here and there.  Suffice it to say, whenever that day comes when we are planning a wedding in our family, Laura is going to be torture to shop with.  I love you, Honey.  
But I digress.  
Bryan and I purpose to talk about marriage with all of our children.  Even the littlest ones know that dates are important, and they know that mommy and daddy kiss, a lot.  We have made it known, that for the majority of people, marriage is the plan.  We also know that God's plan may direct otherwise.  We steer our kids to be intentional about their relationships. 
Laura and I hashed out much of this again over the last few days.  Then I thought again.  Yes, I want my daughter to be blessed in a marriage.  I want her to enjoy serving along side her husband.  I want her to feel the bucket of emotions that comes with raising a family.  But, do I want her to seek a husband more than seeking Jesus?  Ouch!
Am I asking her to spread her arms out to balance that wire of a Bible, books, and boys?  Truthfully, I feel that all three are not equally weighted.   Of the three, the one that has been consistently faithfully is her precious relationship with Jesus, her Savior.  She could spend every waking hour studying and still have to repeat a class.  She may attend every event at college and remain single at graduation.  The beauty, though, is that Laura's relationship with Jesus remains constant.  
Before Laura left today, I quickly reminded her of that.  Yes, marriage is a blessing to be sought, but it is not to be held in higher esteem than Jesus.  I do not want my girls to seek a husband more than they seek Jesus.  
Now would I like her to try just a teensy bit harder?  Well. . .  . maybe.  I think the white gown, the Pinterest inspired reception, the beautiful pictures, and the sweet bride and groom have influenced and increased my mom annoyance level to my not so young daughter.  
Our friend has begun her role as a wife, but her position as a daughter of God remains the same.  Thank you, Lord, for who you have planned for my daughters and sons.  Make yourself even more precious as they seek you.  

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