Monday, February 17, 2014

The Cookie was Good

It is not good that I am facing the sweets counter at the bookstore.  It is good though that my Sweetie is sitting across the cafe table from me as we sip Venti Earl Grey tea at Barnes and Noble.  My littles ask week after week, "Daddy, why are you going on a date with Monmy?"  He responds simply that he loves me.  That is all.  That is enough.  
He is writing tonight about daring to live by faith.  We are taking that dare with Bryan leading the way.  The journey is bumpy and precarious, but God has placed the road before us. Do we dare take another step?  Today is done.  We have not crashed, yet.  
I love my husband.  We fuss sometimes.  We often disagree.  Yet, marriage is a covenant relationship not to be messed with.  Do we dare to live out our marriage riveted to faith? Intentionally.  
So here we sit with teas half full and an empty plate which formerly held a double chocolate chip cookie.  So much for will power.  
He is studying, writing, preparing for an opportunity he has to speak at two men's conferences this spring.  As I am not a man (duh), I do not get to listen to his session.  Soooo I think I may just have to go shopping.  Or simply find a quaint cafe where I can sit to read and write a bit.  As he prepares, I am privileged to be his sounding board.  His faith in action strengthens our family's faith.  
This is good.  Not good like the cookie I just shared, but good as in it does not get much better.  

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