Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sweet Talk Jar

Sweet talk does not flow naturally.  Our words are birthed deep in our souls.  Often those carverns are dark, bruised, confused, and torn.  Our sin nature lurks, ready to pounce.  How then is it even possible that positive, encouraging, acceptable words pour into our families? 
Sweet talk blesses and smooths out the rough patches of our day.  I need that.  Even more, my kids need that.  So, now we have a sweet talk jar.
It is nothing fancy or even Pinterest inspired, amazingly.  It is just a simple Pyrex cup with a plastic lid.  Inside are M&Ms, the bribe of life.  During car rides with many people strapped into seats often shoulder to shoulder, words pour that intend to hurt or tease.  They are far from sweet, both the words and the individual.  
The goal is not just how many sweet words you can share, balancing on the brink of flattery.  It is also intended to eliminate the negative, sour words that do nothing but cause strife.  If one can make it to our destination (no more than seven miles to date), then they can share in the sweets that their sweet words have encouraged.  My toddler has not fully caught on, but the others are pausing to think before they speak.  I am pausing. Call it a gimmick, but it made for a more pleasant ride today.  
Our words are powerful.  May they be sweet.  

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