Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Normal Sunday Afternoon?

How does a good day magically happen?  Even with a full moon this weekend, attitudes were held at bay and meltdowns were kept to a minimum.  And that was just in relation to this mama.   Please someone let me know how to have a repeat performance.  There have been far too many wishes for do-overs in recent days.  Today breathed a freshness into our home.
Self admittance aside, my littles (and bigs) chose to play rather than fight (at least most of the time).  They chose to listen rather than ignore.  They chose to respond rather than react.  Good choices led to good consequences.  
Even though Daddy was sick in bed all day, and we were barely able to move our twelve passenger van out of the snow and ice in order to get to church, we made it all intact, well mostly.
Intentional, enjoyable days with my family fill my wish list, but they often miss the mark practically.  Survival mode takes over.  
I found myself smiling today as I sat with seven kids eating a simple meal of grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup.  Dinner did not have to be complicated.  I could enjoy their conversation.  I could be blessed by my little four year old daughter praying.  She thanked God that her brother was happier.  Hmmm.  The eyes of her heart saw something.  
A movie played after a busy morning at church.  Seven kids each had their own space.  Some had cozy blankets.  Others had overstuffed pillows.  I closed my eyes as one of my littles snuggled close to me on the floor, her smallness wrapped over my shoulder, her sweet breath on my face, here wild hair sprawled on the pillow.  I slept for a few precious minutes.  The two year old snored.
Trains never made their way all the way around a completed track.  The family room remained messy.  The dishwasher was running for the second time today.  Many kids moved up and down the stairs to the basement to share their latest "Olympic" achievement on their scooter or roller blades.  I just prayed for no blood or broken bones.  
Much of me wanted to hide in the pleasantness to read or catch a few more minutes of shut eye.  Yet time after time a little one pulled a book off the shelf (or the floor) and climbed on my lap begging to be read to.  Even the ten year old stopped and listened.  
I was reminded that moments as those vanish as quickly as they appear.  Choosing to catch them is what makes for a day as today.  I read a lot today.
Mind you, the day had its moments.  Discipline was required.  Redirection became necessary.  My sweet hubby is still not better.  And the license plate fell off of our big van.
Looking at the big picture, I did not see the all the smears and clashes of color.  Today I was blessed with a landscape of perspective, one with many elements each presenting their own story.  
It was a good day.  Thank you, God.  Tomorrow is another day.  

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