Sunday, January 5, 2014


Please, Lord, I need help.  Words are powerful.  My words, to be specific.  There are many things I think to say, but then I chicken out.  I    regret those moments.  There are other things that I think to say, and then words come out only to be laced with hurtful intent.  I regret those words.  The words from this momma’s mouth are birthed in my heart.  Please, Lord, calm my heart.  Heal my heart.  Soften my heart so that I can use my words to wrap around the hurting.  Please, let the words come softly, slowly.  May my words mold a child’s behavior.  May they encourage the tired mom.  May they lead down scary roads lined with uncertainty, guiding, prompting, so as not to fall off the edge.  I want my words to be your words.  Show me how to live it not just read it.  I want others to see your words as truth, perfect, purposeful, lovely.  Am I that?  Oh, my!  Too often I see lies, imperfection, passiveness, and ugliness in my words.  I need you, Lord.  Today.  This moment.  Forever. 

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