Friday, January 3, 2014

Choosing to See Things From a Different Angle

A noisy house may mean an angry child or a fed up Mom, but it also means that there are many kids in our home.  That is good.
Eight inches of snow may mean a rough drive to work, but it also means bundled up kids playing outside on a snow day.  That is cold.
A night on the couch with a crabby toddler may mean a tired mommy, but it also means that with the snow there is time for a nap later.  That is necessary.
Snow clothes already packed for snow camp may mean that my son uses my snow clothes instead, but it also means that I have an excuse to stay inside where it is warm.   That is convenient.
Many time outs for multiple children may mean that this momma’s heart rate is accelerated, but it also means that sin is caught, and God can work. That is hopeful. 

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