Monday, January 6, 2014

Some Things I Learned From Maddie Today

She likes to draw fairies because they can do anything.
Her imagination goes far beyond words and colors and sounds.  It reaches the simple childlike feelings on which creativity begins.  
All her drawings are of happy people.  They may be princesses or fairies, and they are always happy.  
Sometimes the arms of a fairy are drawn before the head is.  It is easier that way.
Fairies are beautiful AND modest.
Water fairies' best friends are amusement park fairies.  That way we can have water parks.
Sweet conversation is shared and relationship built over a cup of hot chocolate.  
It is not a bad thing that I now have to do the driving to and from the required visits for my foster children if I can spend those precious hours with another child one in one.  
If I wanted to be a book fairy so I can read books to children all over the world, I would have a problem because of the book worms that eat books.  
She melted my heart and allowed me a peak into her sweetness.  

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