Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Impossible Became Miraculous

It crept in and then dared to fly by, this break from the books, Christmas.  Yet in its beauty, it was not a break from the best Book of all.  Miracles did happen.
Shopping was completed on time, and only one gift (that I know of) was left in the cabinet to be found days after. 
Family, both immediate and extended, was guided by angels through miles of highway, snow, mountains, and darkness.  One car will be replaced, but everyone walked safely away.  All made it home again. 
Our littlest girl who was removed from our home last spring returned home.  There is no way to explain all the happenings, except to simply say, “God”. 
Miracles.  Yes, they were there in our home in the suburbs.  God was there.  In the noise, the busyness, the impatience too.  When we had let our heart be at peace, God made it flutter again. 
I cannot even imagine the emotions of that first Christmas night:  pain, fear, embarrassment, hope, and yes, peace.  In the midst of the noise of the stable and childbirth, God was there. 
God is still here.  He makes the impossible miraculous. 

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