Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Do Hard Things

Do Hard Things(Harris), required reading for our teens, sparks a fire that can potentially brighten dark and empty spaces for a young generation.
When was the last time we parents asked our kids to truly do something hard?  Our kids may disagree.  Taking out the trash, putting away laundry, and finishing their homework count for something, don’t they?  Well, yes.  In a way.  Yet, how are our children truly challenged to think and act BIG and HARD? 
Do Hard Things outlines five ways to define hard.  (My paraphrase)
·         Things that are out of your comfort zone
·         Things that you cannot accomplish alone
·         Things that go against the cultural norm
·         Things that do not have immediate results
·         Things that go beyond what is required or expected

My little man (who is not so little anymore) spent some time with me today chatting about these hard things.  I do not know how these will all play out.  I do know that these principles which can be found in Scripture can prove to be powerful in a teen’s life. 

I do not want my kids to be doing hard things simply to put on a show.  I want their actions to be an outpour of a change of thinking.  The subtitle to the book is “a teenage rebellion against low expectations.”  It is okay that my kids are not normal.  I am fine with them being different as long as their hearts are following after Christ who is the perfect example of one going against the cultural norm. 
God has set fairly high expectations for all of us.  We have sadly moved away from those, lowering them to where it feels comfortable.  We have settled on the status quo so as not to rock the boat.  As a result our kids have followed our model.  Do Hard Things, written by teens, brings us back to the challenge. 
Mind you, this book does not replace the power of God’s Word.  However, it sheds some practical light to shine the way for teens who may be stuck in the shadows of the bigness of themselves rather than the bigness of God. 
Doing hard things today may mean listening to parents when you just want to do your own thing.  It may be something else.  I will be challenging my son this year to do hard things.  He will step out of his comfort zone to do something that may not be required.  He may have to push against the cultural norm and may not see results for a while.  I may have to walk along side him as he does some growing up doing hard things.
I am a mom whom God has asked to do some hard things.  God has been faithful every step.  Now I get to teach my kids how to boldly do some hard things for God.   It does not get much better than that. 

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