Thursday, July 11, 2013

Very Random

It is raining . . . .again.  I would jump at the chance to go climb under the covers and catch a few more winks of shut eye.  I won’t get that chance.  The rain will keep my kids inside today.  I need to put on my activities director’s hat.  I know it has to be somewhere close as it seems to be a regular part of my wardrobe. 
I did not have coffee yesterday simply because I did not make it or buy it.  That will not happen today. 
I miss having all my kids within a few miles of my home.  One works a lot of hours.  Two more are away at camp for the week.  Another is living elsewhere until the courts can get their act together.  Three are in and out with visits with their bio mom.  It seems as if my van has ADHD.   We are going all different directions. 
The morning began with a pleasantness and the promise of coffee.  The kids appear to be cooperating.  The kitchen is cleaned up.  There were no all out wars before 9:00.  I have heard many manners.  It is good.
The rain keeps coming. The tomatoes are towering.  The cucumbers are climbing.  The grass is growing.  But my basement is NOT flooding. 
I need to do some phone work today to assure that all the necessary appointments are made.  Many kids.  Many teeth.  Crooked teeth.  Add to that summer camps and visitation schedules and you have a Google calendar challenge.  I am up to the challenge.  Coffee will help.
There are bunnies in our back yard.   They seem to like the clover that has overtaken any glimpses of grass.   Any dream of having a photo worthy yard was given up once the boys stepped in to play.  Play is worth more than a picture, however.  I will one day have a nice looking yard devoid of the mud pit also known as home plate.  I will be able to sit on my patio without having to guard my toes from being run over by tricycles or scooters.  My view from my kitchen window will include flowers and such not hula hoops and whiffle balls.  But that will make me sad. 
This is my life.

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