Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Pleasure of Writing

Reading, writing, and arithmetic – wouldn’t that be amazing if that is all the filled our school day?  So much else pours into every spare second.  Schedules demand.  Curriculum dictates.  Dreams of a quiet day of intentional learning dissolve into school by the book.
Still, in the chaos, words are flowing.  Stories are developing.  Creativity is not lost. 
Excitedly, I have been watching my princess as she matures into an accomplished writer.  She is learning how to develop her art from others who trudged before her.  A story board, writing mentors, writers’ conferences, agent searches, query letters, first drafts, edits, revisions, new ideas, journals, rejections, hopes, and goals:  these are just a few words to picture the writer who is my daughter.  Follow her blog and you will be catch yourself smiling at her youth, her passions, and her growth. 
Now, getting a twelve year old boy to focus on anything other than March Madness this time of year requires close to a miracle.  Yet, he is half way through a challenge of writing 100 words a day on the same project for 100 days.  Mind you, we have not begun any sort of edit.  He is sitting.  He is thinking.  He is writing.   For me that is amazing. 
Today he wrote a sonnet for his literature class.  I was not sure what I was going to get, but he came through.  Again, words became more real.  He saw an economy of syllables that formed his choices.  He was proud of his work, and so was I.
My little one plunged into the sea of words too.  She loves to tell stories.  Her imagination brings life to the normal.  However, spelling is not her friend.  Today, I told her I wanted her to just let her story pour on to the page.  Don’t worry about any spelling or grammar until the story is out.  She let it pour.  Then, we went back together to sharpen the story so others could enjoy her words.  She and I both loved what she shared.  We will get there with the specifics, but a story cannot be taught. 
My sweetie has joined with my little man in writing every day for 100 days.  I love his words.  He has chosen to write for a school aged child.  As an attorney, his words are often written to a judge or another attorney.  If you have ever read legalese, you know those words have meaning, but they are not easy or enjoyable.  His story words make me smile.  They encourage adventure.  They evoke imagination. 
Words are powerful.  I have been reading God’s Words in the Psalms lately.  His words paint pictures, give promise, provide hope, and pour peace into my life. 
We have written many words in our home recently.  Some are funny.  Some are sad.  Many describe.  Most tell a story.  Writing gives an outlet of imagination.  It sets a pattern for discipline.  It offers a window into one’s heart. 
This momma knows that life goes through stages and cycles.  I will enjoy this stage while it is here.  Though, I pray that the love of words and the discipline of writing endure. 

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